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Georgia Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Georgia Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Georgia has strict laws regarding how individuals involved in a car collision should act immediately following the accident. If you fail to live up to the obligations set forth in the state’s guidelines, you could face criminal charges with serious penalties. Leaving the scene of the accident is a crime, and you need an experienced defense attorney on your side if you have violated this law.

The law varies on the type of accident you were involved in. There are three different types of accidents: property damage, bodily injury, and death. No matter the type of accident, you should pull over and stop your vehicle in a safe place, out of the way of traffic.

If you are in a parking lot and accidently have a fender bender when backing out of your space, the law states that you should make a reasonable effort to contact the owner of the other vehicle. Leaving a note on the windshield with your contact and insurance information is considered a reasonable effort, and will not result in a leaving the scene charge.

In the event that you are involved in a car accident resulting in bodily injury, you should try to stay calm and remain on the scene. Georgia law makes it clear that you have a legal obligation to help the injured person by calling an ambulance and reporting the crash to the police.

If you accidentally kill a pedestrian or the driver or passenger of another vehicle, you are obligated to call for help. Leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in a fatality can result in a felony charge, punishable by prison time.

Attorney Greg Willis can help if you have been accused of leaving the scene of a car accident. By working with an accident reconstruction specialist, he may be able to prove that your actions did not cause the accident and the charge may be dismissed. If you did not know that an accident occurred, this can also be used as a defense.

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